Juniper Hiking Trail, Kootenay National Park.
Hiking in Radium Hot Springs, B.C., Canada.
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Juniper Hiking Trail in Kootenay National Park in Radium Hot Springs in Columbia Valley, BC, Canada
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Juniper Trail
Kootenay National Park, Radium Hot Springs, BC, Canada

Sinclair Creek on Juniper Trail Juniper Trail Trailhead Juniper Trail in Kootenay National Park

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Juniper Trail is a short trail exploring canyon walls and forest groves while hiking high above Sinclair Creek in the Kootenay National Park of British Columbia, Canada.

The Kootenay National Park is a popular destination for many who enjoy adventure, wildlife and sightseeing when visiting the village of Radium Hot Springs.

Juniper Trail is one of the many hiking trails located in the national park which enable visitors to explore deep into the backcountry. The Juniper Trail is the first marked hiking trail when entering the park from the 'west gate' which is located just outside the community of Radium Hot Springs.

The one way hiking trail is a 3.2 km long adventure. The hiking trail starts from Highway #93 and, right away, begins going downhill. The trail continues exploring along the north ridge of Sinclair Canyon eventually dropping down into Sinclair Creek.

Hikers can return the same way they came from or.. another available option is to continue along the connector trail to the parking lot of the hot springs. From the hot spring parking lot hikers can, either, stop in and relax at the hot springs or walk back along Hwy #93 to their vehicle.

Juniper Trail is a moderately difficult hike. Individuals should be well prepared with water and good hiking shoes. The trail is an earthy path. A single track path with exposed tree roots, high ridges and exposed rocks. The trail is full of climbs and descents, some hills harder than others. However it is a well maintained and marked trail route.

How to Get to the Juniper Trail :

Travel to the village of Radium Hot Springs. From the community travel along Hwy #93 into the Kootenay National Park. Entering the park is a 'west gate' and it is at this west gate where you will see a small pull out parking area on your left with a trailhead sign.

Another trailhead entrance: Continue driving on Highway #93 to the main hot springs parking lot in the Kootenay National Park. In the back of the parking lot is a trailhead kiosk and the trailhead for the Juniper Trail.

Important Note: To explore in the Kootenay National Park one must obtain a park pass. Passes are available in the community of Radium Hot Springs or through any national park office.

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Juniper Trail, Kootenay National Park, Radium Hot Springs, Kootenays, B.C., British Columbia, Canada.

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